Study Integrated Iridology® online with Toni Miller ND DHM MMII CCII

Australia’s most experienced Iridology education specialist. Voted IIPA Iridologist of the year 2014 and Iridology Instructor of the Year 2014

The College of IRIS – founded in 1995, remains the only one specializing in Iridology education in the southern hemisphere.

Earn a ‘Certificate of Advanced Iridology’ or a ‘Post Graduate Diploma of Integrated Iridology’.

Start with Essentials. This is the foundation on which to add other layers of understanding. Forty foundational teachings with necessary revisions of Classical Iridology. You will be able to use this material on your family and friends on completion.  You will know whether or not you want to take this subject to a professional level.

IRIS 1 – Physical Iridology. This is comprised of five subjects: Constitutional Iridology, the Collarette, the Pupil and its Border, Sclera signs and European Concepts.

IRIS 2 – Emotional Aspects of the Physical Signs. Four subjects in this section include “Emotional interpretation of Physical Signs”, “Using the Iris to Determine Personality” and “The Effects of Gender and Sibling Sequence”.

IRIS 3 – Practical Iridology. This unit includes “Differential Diagnosis using Physiography” (interpretation of various body signs) and “Remedy Selection based on Integrated Iridology”.

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CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Attendance with CPE points PLUS a Certificate of Attainment on completion of each subject.

Complete Essentials plus IRIS 1 to apply for a Certificate of Iridology” This level of study will also make you eligible for professional membership to IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Assoc) – the largest Iridology association in the world.

Students who complete all subjects can apply for a Certificate of Advanced Iridology” OR

Submit your Academic Transcript and apply for a Diploma of Integrated Iridology” 

Not sure?  – “Integrated Iridology – a reliable asset in clinical practice.” This will introduce you to Toni’s teaching style and format. If you like this module, you will love Iridology Essentials – recommended for everyone; especially post graduates. Learn this unit in eight modules with our super learning method – developed over 30 year’s continuous teaching.

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About your teacher: Toni Miller ND DHM Int Irid

Toni began studying Iridology in 1980 and started teaching in 1984. Her teachers include some of the world’s most influential including Bernard Jensen, Dorothy Hall, Robert Lucy, Joseph Angerer, Josef Deck, and many others. In 1995, Toni founded the College of IRIS – the only one specializing in iris education in the southern hemisphere. She produces a range of superior quality charts, flash cards and other resources for students and professionals. Her award winning book “Integrated Iridology Textbook” has become the primary resource for most Australian and New Zealand colleges.

Who can enroll in Integrated Iridology® Classes?

A large variety of students of all ages comes from three main groups:

Post Graduates: Practitioners who want more confidence or who feel like they need a refresher.

Professionals: GPs, nurses, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, Kinesiologists, Reflexologists, Masseurs, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Bowen therapists and anyone wanting a career change.

General Interest people: Pharmacy and Health food store employees, teachers, home makers or anyone wanting interested in learning more about Iridology.

The College of IRIS – founded in 1995, remains the only one specializing in Iridology education in the southern hemisphere.