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Toni and Rex have been following their passion since 1981.

Toni Miller

Senior Lecturer College of IRIS and Author Integrated Iridology (R)


Toni is a Naturopathic Medical Herbalist and Master Integrated Iridologist with over thirty six years clinical experience. She is Australia’s most experienced Iridology teacher, researcher and lecturer and the author of many Iridology resources including the award winning “Integrated Iridology Textbook” (revised 2016). Toni has been teaching Iridology continuously 1984. It is rare indeed to have a teacher who can both explain and offer answers based on the wisdom that comes from nearly 4 decades of professional clinical experience and over 3 decades of ongoing research. Her students graduate with confidence and increased Iridology understanding. Toni was voted 2014 IIPA Iridologist of the Year and IIPA Instructor of the year and became the first person ever to be awarded these titles simultaneously. Her school – The College of IRIS is the only one specializing in Iridology education in the southern hemisphere. HER CLASSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Rex Miller

Lecturer College of Iris

Rex Miller ND DHM Dip II

Rex is a Naturopath and Integrated Iridologist specializing as a Master Medical Herbalist, with nearly four decades of clinical experience. He has both clinical and retail experience, having established one of the first Go Vita Health Food stores that incorporated a clinic from which both he and his wife practiced for ten years. Rex has lectured nationally and internationally on the power of herbal medicine in establishing and maintaining health. He co-wrote the College of IRIS student manual on "Remedy Selection using Iridology" lectures on this topic in IRIS 3.

Integrated Iriodology

2014 was Toni Miller's last year teaching face to face. But don't fret - YOU CAN LEARN FROM TONI ONLINE NOW!

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“Integrated Iridology”® is a cohesive blend of American, Australian and European models based on the writings of many leading authorities proven with over thirty five years of continuing clinical practice. It embodies the physical, mental and emotional aspects of signs in the eye. The “Integrated Iridology” range of products continues to grow. These superior quality Australian resources are among the best in the world in both content and quality.

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